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Ultrasound procedure gives families options – 3D ultrasound article
By Tiffany Y. Latta
Staff Writer

Bright Beginnings manager Barbara Dolph points out the facial features as she does a 3-D ultrasound of Tracy Moore’s baby in her 34th week of pregnancy.

The first time Tracy Moore looked at her unborn child in 3-D and 4-D she and families members were awestruck.

“There were a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’ We were just trying to figure out which features came from which side of the families,” Moore said. “Everybody was in awe. Most people were just staring at the screen.”

Moore, who was surrounded by her husband and her child’s grandmothers, didn’t see the fetus at her doctor’s office.

But instead that occurred at Bright Beginnings, a Springboro facility that allows families a chance to see 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional still and video images of their unborn babies.

The technology is similar to a traditional 2-D ultrasound. But the equipment used by these technicians shows color, 3-D and even 4D images on a computer monitor and a large projector that can be broadcast live online for family and friends. However, unlike traditional ultrasounds done in a doctor’s office or hospital to detect the health of a fetus, these ultrasounds are done for “entertainment purposes only.”

Technicians perform limited diagnostic checks such as the heart beat and placenta placement. But mostly the sessions give families their first realistic look at the child.“It’s mainly for fun,” said Barbara S. Dolph of Middletown, who co-owns Bright Beginnings with her father, James Lowe, also of Middletown.

“A lot of people want to see what the baby looks like before it gets here. A lot of them bring their whole family.” The images show the fetus moving, waving its hand, putting feet in its mouth and the features of the fetus are relatively clear. The images captured can then be purchased on CD and DVD. The best images are captured, Dolph and Lowe said, when mothers are between 24 to 32 weeks, when the fetus is more developed.




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